Our videos

#1 Is it difficult to set up a new business in France ?

We facilitate the process of setting-up your business in France.

#10 Do we always need to set-up a French subsidiary ?

Details on different legal alternatives to set up a business in France

#14 In which cases should a foreign company opt for a liaison office ?

All about the liaison office in this video !

#22 I need a legal domicile to register my company : what are my options ?

To register a branch, a subsidiary or a liaison office, the structure needs a legal domicile in France. We explain you the options in this video.

#5 What is the detailed process to set up a new company ?

Different steps of the registration process of a new company in France

#9 what are the main taxes my business will have to pay

In this video, you can have an overview on the main French taxes due when operating a business in France.

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