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#11 What are the compagny's obligations in term of health ?

The company has obligations to employees in terms of health.

#15 How can the insurance broker support your employees regarding healthcare matters ?

We explain you in this video how your insurance broker will support your employees during the life of the contract

#18 What is important to know regarding commercial insurance

We explain you in this video the important things regarding commercial insurance

#21 What type of saving plans can you set up for your employees ?

We explain you in this video which saving plans you can set up for your employees.

#3 What are the basic things to know before hiring in France ?

We detail the elementary rules you need to be aware of, before you hire your first employee in France.

#4 Who pays the complementary health insurance fee ?

We detail the cost set up for the social insurance of your french employees.

#7 Is the insurance free for employees

We explain the social insurance that an employer must provide for its French employees.

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