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#1 Is it difficult to set up a new business in France?

We facilitate the process of setting-up your business in France.

#2 When setting up a company in France, what role does the bank play?

When setting up a company in France, the bank plays a key role in the registration process.

#22 I need a legal domicile to register my company : what are my options?

To register a branch, a subsidiary or a liaison office, the structure needs a legal domicile in France. We explain you the options in this video.

#5 What is the detailed process to set up a new company?

Different steps of the registration process of a new company in France

#62 - Choosing your registered office address

When setting up a company, the choice of registered office is a crucial parameter. You have 4 options for this strategic choice: 1. Domiciliation at home 2. Coworking spaces 3. Renting premises 4. Commercial domiciliation.
You need to clearly identify your needs in order to determine the best solution for your situation.

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