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#1 Is it difficult to set up a new business in France?

We facilitate the process of setting-up your business in France.

#10 Do we always need to set-up a French subsidiary?

Details on different legal alternatives to set up a business in France

#11 What are the compagny's obligations in term of health?

The company has obligations to employees in terms of health.

#12 - Could we have a short glimpse of the permanent establishment?

The purpose of this video is to present, in a short glimpse, the tax rules and the definition of a permanent establishment in France.

#13 Do I have to update my insurance, death and disability contracts?

We explain you in this video how do you have to manage your insurance contracts.

#14 In which cases should a foreign company opt for a liaison office?

All about the liaison office in this video !

#15 How can the insurance broker support your employees regarding healthcare matters?

We explain you in this video how your insurance broker will support your employees during the life of the contract

#16 - Which legal structure to sep up?

This video compares the main French legal structures set up by investors.

#17 - Do I need to nominate legal auditors from the very beginning of the business?

When is the appointment of an auditor required?

#18 What is important to know regarding commercial insurance?

In this video, we explain most important things to know regarding commercial insurance

#19 What compliance processes are used at the bank?

#2 When setting up a company in France, what role does the bank play?

When setting up a company in France, the bank plays a key role in the registration process.

#20 How does insurance for motorised vehicules work in France?

All about insurance for the float of the vehicules of your French company.

#21 What type of saving plans can you set up for your employees?

In this video, we explain which saving plans you can set up for your employees.

#22 I need a legal domicile to register my company : what are my options?

To register a branch, a subsidiary or a liaison office, the structure needs a legal domicile in France. We explain you the options in this video.

#23 What are the rules regarding invoices?

This video describes French rules applicable on invoices.

#3 What are the basic things to know before hiring in France?

We detail the elementary rules you need to be aware of, before you hire your first employee in France.

#4 Who pays the complementary health insurance fee?

We detail the set up cost for the social insurance of your french employees.

#5 What is the detailed process to set up a new company?

Different steps of the registration process of a new company in France

#6 Why does the amount of share capital matter in France?

This video explains the impact of the amount of share capital in France.

#7 Is the insurance free for employees?

We explain the social insurance that an employer must provide for its French employees.

#8 Can I have online banking?

How works online banking in France?

#9 what are the main taxes my business will have to pay?

In this video, you can have an overview on the main French taxes due when operating a business in France.

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